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Dundee City Disability Sport

(Scottish Charity No. SCO 22333)


1.1 The name of the association shall be Dundee City Disability Sport (hereinafter Referred to as DCDS)


The aim of DCDS shall be to advance the education of and promote the welfare of people with a Physical, Sensory or Learning Disability by promoting the provision of facilities to enable people with a disability to participate in sport and other physical recreation, in the interest of social welfare, so that their quality of life may be improved.

In furtherance thereof, DCDS shall seek: -

2.1 To co-ordinate, develop and promote sports and physical recreation among people with a disability in Dundee

2.2 To strengthen and extend the network of contacts, clubs and development groups throughout Dundee

2.3 To raise the profile of sport for people with a disability within Dundee and beyond

2.4 To work closely with SportDundee when required to achieve our aims

2.5 To work in partnership with Leisure and Culture Dundee to achieve our aims


Full membership will be open to: -

3.1 All clubs, organisations and Individuals directly concerned with the welfare of people with a disability within the City of Dundee boundary

3.2 Each club, organisation and Individual affiliated as aforesaid shall pay an annual affiliation fee for such amount as may be fixed by DCDS and thereafter at the AGM in each year and abide by the rules of DCDS


4.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held in May of each year, which shall be open to all interested parties. Three clear weeks notice in writing of the holding of the meeting shall be given to all members.

4.2 Special General Meetings may be requested by the Management Committee or by any three full members. Such a request stating the business to be discussed shall be made in writing to the Secretary, who shall call such a meeting within six weeks of the date of request, and giving three weeks notice in writing to every member along with details of the business to be discussed.


5.1 At the Annual General Meeting, the following officers shall be elected to serve for a period of one year, and may be re-elected for an ensuing period:

• Chairman
• Vice Chair

5.2 Elected members and officers from Dundee City Council will automatically serve on DCDS each year these being

• The Convenor of Leisure Services and 3 other Councillors
• The Director of finance of Dundee City Council shall be ex officio Treasurer of DCDS
• The Disability Sports Officer of Leisure and Culture Dundee shall be ex officio Secretary of DCDS
• Two representatives of SportDundee
• One representative from Scottish Disability Sport

5.3 At the Annual General Meeting, ordinary members shall be elected. No less than six and no more than 10 individuals from clubs and organisations.


6.1 The management of DCDS shall be in the hands of a management committee, which shall consist of:-

• The office bearers
• Elected Members
• Disability Sports Officer
• Ordinary Members

6.2 The management committee shall be responsible for the following areas of work:

• Finance
• Recruitment of Volunteers and their Job Remits
• Support to local organisations
• Education and Training
• Sports Development
• Promotion and organisation of Local and National events
• Appoint a representative to Scottish Disability Sport
• Promotion and Marketing of DCDS
• Liaison with Sports Dundee and sportscotland

6.3 All standing committees, including an Athletes, Fundraising, Events, Publicity and Policy/Strategy shall report back to the Management Committee 4 times per year.


7.1 The quorum for all General Meetings shall be Six members eligible to vote

7.2 The quorum for all meetings of committees shall not be less than half the members of the committee or six people, whichever is less

7.3 At all meetings of DCDS and of its committees, in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson or Convenor of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote

7.4 The Chairperson or Convenor of every meeting of DCDS or of its Committees shall cause proper minutes to be kept of the meeting and all resolutions passed thereat

7.5 On the occasion of an election for office:

• Written nominations bearing the signatures of the proposer and seconder and indicating that the nominee is prepared to serve, must be lodged with the Secretary one month prior to the AGM

• If there is more than one nominee for office, then a secret ballot shall be held. The candidate may not vote


8.1 Proper books of accounts shall be kept by the treasurer, such books to record all sums of money received and expended and the matters in respect of which the receipts and expenditure took place, and to record the assets and liabilities of DCDS

8.2 The association's financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March, in each year


For each category of membership, at the AGM DCDS shall determine the amount of subscription for the ensuing year. Any member failing to pay the subscription by 31st September following the AGM will be deemed to have fallen out of membership and will lose rights to be represented on committees or to vote at subsequent General Meetings until such time as the subscription is paid


All amendments to the constitution shall require a majority of two-thirds of those present and voting at a General Meeting of DCDS. The text of any proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary at least six weeks before the date of the meeting and shall be circulated with the notice calling the meeting.


In the event of DCDS being wound up, after settlement of all due debts, its assets shall be handed over to Scottish Disability Sport (SDS). If SDS is no longer recognised as a charity then any surplus assets/funds shall be transferred to another recognised charity with objects similar to that of the association.

Certified as a true copy.

Gordon Quinton Secretary
Eileen Ramsay Chairperson

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