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About Dundee City Disability Sport.

Dundee City Disability Sport was formed in 1981. This was Dundee District Council's main contribution to the "International Year of the Disabled. DCDS is a registered charity in Scotland. Scottish Charity No. SCO22333.

Dundee City Disability Sport in partnership with Leisure and Culture Dundee has a vision of its role:

"To lead the development of sport and physical recreation for people of all ages with a disability within Dundee City"

The committee is very active and has an up to date constitution and a yearly action plan.

Operating now for 30 years Dundee City Disability Sport is one of the longest established branches within Scottish Disability Sport, the national governing body for disability sport. Working in partnership with Leisure and Culture Dundee, successive branch management committees have made a significant contribution to the development of sports for people with a disability within the city and throughout Scotland.

Dundee City Disability Sport works closely with the Leisure and Culture Dundee's Network Managers, this continued support is crucial to the development of the association, and DCDS is very grateful to the ongoing support received from these officers and Leisure and Culture Dundee as a whole.

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